WordPress: Upgrading from (m)qTranslate to the qTranslate-X plugin

The classic solution for a multi language WordPress content the qTranslate plugin hadn’t got updates for a longer period and doesn’t work with current WP versions. So, some month ago I had switched to a fork: mqTranslate. And now, the mqTranslate developer gives up his project and recommends to switch to another qTranslate fork: qTranslate-X. So I change another time my multi language plugin.

OK, first it seems to work fine. All translated posts are shown fine. But after several weeks I recognized that posts containing multi language picture captions are broken. So my last post with images of the solar eclipse looked like a zombie. Sorry for that.

It took me several weeks to recognise this failure and it took another some days to find out what happened.

To keep things short, multi language content was marked with qTranslate and mqTranslate in the following way:

[ :de ] deutscher Text [ :en ] english translation

qTranslate-X introduced an end tag [ : ] to allow neutral text (for all languages). But without this end tag the subsequent part of an post is broken. Text disapeared and also some layout gets broken. Adding the end tag to the relevant texts – in my case to the subtitle of the images – will solve the problem

[ :de ] deutscher Text [ :en ] english translation [ : ]

I hope this hint will help other WP users. I go for manually updating my database with the end tag now 🙁

There are some other articles for migrating to qTranslate-X on the web, for instance: a discussion regarding this end tag and the Migration Instuctions.

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