about me

born in 1966
married, two lovely, nearly crown up daughters
Profession Engineer for Computer Science, PhD. in medical measurement methods
Software development in C++ (but also in Delphi, Perl/Phyton/PHP) for PC- (Windows, Linux) and embedded platforms,
Hobbys ?
  • Ham radio
  • Digital photography
  • and something more (from astrophysics to history and politics)

I live in Ilmenau in the central of germany. This is a country with a lot of woods (in fact, the wood starts 200m behind my house), a technical university and a lot of small technical companies. Next larger cities are Erfurt and Weimar.

... at the Ham-Radio club DF0HQ beside of a large tube amplifier

... at the Ham-Radio club DF0HQ beside of a large tube amplifier 

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  1. Clay Coburn says:

    Hello Ralf
    I was at Landsberg Air Force Base 1952 to 1953 and moved to Ramstine Air Force Base until fall 1954. 2d communcations group 12 Air Force. i help mantain the MARS Amature Radio Station DL4MW. I have a QSL card almost the same as listed in your web pages. I was thinking what the station was doing and I found your web site. I had some very good times on those two bases and Mars Station. Our station was real active when 12 Air Force Headquaters move to Ramstine. Thank you for your web site
    Clay Coburn < Lawrenceville Ga N4CCI

  2. Herwig Unger says:

    Hallo Ralf,

    nette webseite hast du da…..ob der Ilmenauer Teil der SG eigentlich
    noch einmal ein SG-treffen fertig bringt???? Man sieht und hoert nix
    mehr von der 107/86 😀

    VG Herwig

  3. Denis Robert says:

    Hello Klaus
    I got your website from a freind in Wurzburg. He told me you had a reaction test developed similar to what I am trying to do. I am a University professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science in Manchester, NH and I am trying to complete a study on cognitive reaction time of drivers seeing bicyclists on the road. My goal is to see what colors the bicyclist is wearing that has the least reaction time required by drivers in automobiles to see them. This would be used to see what the “safest” colors are in order to reduce collision of automobiles with bicyclists. I have recorded a series of videos from a driver’s perspective of different bicyclists presenting with different colors(each video is about 15 second). I want to be able to use this in a reaction time test in which participants watch the videos and their reaction time is recorded when they see a bicyclist.
    I don’t have the skills to make the test myself. Any suggestions on how I could proceed?
    Denis Robert

  4. Klaus Kubiak says:

    Ich möchte meine Kellerdecke dämmen und habe im www herumgestöbert. Dabei habe ich bei der erweiterten Bausep Info Beschaffung deine Seite hier entdeckt.
    Supi, hat mir weitergeholfen.
    Weiter so, D A N K E !

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