VHF locator database

One of my projects on this site is a program to create a locator database for various contest programs. The project is already from 2011, but it is still in use and there are some new things.

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China Gadget: 35MHz – 4.4 GHz LTDZ Spectrum Analyzer

In VHF contests, the question sometimes arises of how far I can drive my power amplifier without causing too much interference. In Ilmenau, we have many stations in a relatively small area, and we don’t want to interfere with each other unnecessarily. The other recurring question when setting up for the contest: Does my transverter on the mast transmit anything at all?

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Solar eclipse 2021

The last solar eclipse in 2015 has been announced very loud by all public media. This time there was nearly nothing to hear and to read about this upcoming event. Only a very short sentence in the morning news has point me to that.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 GPS Problem

My mobile phone, the Xiaomi Mi A1, is no longer one of the current models, but it works great and still receives the latest security updates. Well, a few months ago the GPS was a bit weak. It got worse and worse and then stopped working completely. After a short time (and some panic) it worked again. A few months later it started again, while jogging in the forest it got worse and worse, then it stopped working again.

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Lost Places: Glaswerk Ilmenau, Teil 2, Neubau

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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