Here I publish some more long term and or more considerable projects. Small things I publish in my blog.

Terms of use

First of all I made the published projects for myself or for friends. But another use is welcome and free of charge. If my projects are used in a commercial manner or for publications it must be mentioned me as the author and send a copy or notice to me.

And: If something doesn’t fit exactly your needs, simply ask me for a change. I will see, if it is possible.

Of course, there is absolutely no warranty. you download and use all of my content at your own risk.

Human reaction test

For a school project me and my daughter Ricarda thought about measuring the human reaction time and it’s change in relation to drug intaking. At the end I wrote a programm for such a test which is very handy for such kind of tests and can also be used as a little game or party gig … more..

Coax cable attenuation calculator

This small tool calculates from pairs of frequency/attenuation values the transfer function of a coax cable and allows the calculation of the attenuation at any frequency. … more

– more stuff is in the pipeline, please be patient 😉 –

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