Nightly visitors in the garden

For some month we have observed that one time a week someone opens the heavy cover of our composter, in which we deposit our organic kitchen waste. The cover is not so lightwight and it realy needs some power to open it. The visitor must be much stronger than a cat.

The grey box is the composter of this story

Long time we thought, we know the lad. One time on a late evening in winter our neighbor entered his kitchen balcony and someone hissed beside him. A racoon ()yes, they are new in the area) has eaten bird feed and didn’t enjoy the disturbing. Clear, the racoon eats also our organic kitchen waste. Or?

Now, my brother in law lents me a wild camera, and yes, this should be a handy tool to monitor our visitor.

OK, that isn’t a racoon. Looks like a fox like our kitchen waste. (I think in this video he took a piece of bread)

Foxes in the vegetable garden are not so a nice thing. Some of them carries fox-tapeworms what we definitely don’t want in our vegetables. So we decide to make visits less attractive by putting heavy stones at the composter cover (see the pic above).

As it can be seen, the fox don’t like the idea with the stomes and give up.

two days he thought about the problem. Then he came back:

Foxes are very clever animals (or pets in this case 😉 )

But, it seems too annoying. That was the last time we saw him on the box. One time he came back hunting a bird. The wild camera has taken no further video from him.

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