Welcome to the home page of Ralf Schueler.

You may find informations about me, some of my projects I want to share and other stuff from which I think, it can be usefull for others too.

Smaller pieces of informations I collect in a blog. Mainly you will find things about my hobby ham radio, about digital photography, product reviews, some touristic and landsscape stuff and also content with is mainly directed to the parts of my family who aren’t living with me. So my blog is more a mirror of personel interrests and doesn’t follows a thematic thread.

Mainly my web pages are directed to german folks. But different content is perhaps good enough to share it with the rest of the world. So I will translate the content step per step into english. The english content will NOT be exactly the same like the original german. I try to explain more of things that non-germans usually don’t know and on the other side some other informations will be shorter, perhaps even only as an abstract, or missing completely if it’s only from local interrest.

I’m not a realy good english speaker and cannot spend hours to correct everything. Please be be lenient toward(s) me. A bad human translation is until now always better than an automatic one 😉 .

For illustration there is a random image from my landscape pictures

Mountain View, California

Mountain View, California 

Other images can be found here in the blog.