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At the USA-Blog of my daughter, which is hosted at, I found the amazing “Follow”-Button in the lower right corner. It makes it possible to enter my email address and get in future an email notification if there is a new article released in this blog. That’s a very nice function and all engineers and software developers knows the difference between polling and interrupt. Which means, I havn’t go to the website frequently to check for news. Also from the optical point of view, the button and it’s menu look very nice.

But the wordpress follow button is a unique thing at Thanks to nice people there is a tutorial in the net how to integrate it with some programing work in other wordpress installations. So I did and please pay attention to this button in my lower right corner. Click on it, leave your email address and stay informed about changes on this site.

The email addresses are kept in the system and will only be used for the email notifications. Unsubscribe is possible at every time.

With browsers on mobile devices there may be some problems with the floating button menu. So I deactivate this feature for mobile devices but they can be subscribe to my blog on this page.

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  1. A(DC1)LEX says:

    …btw: Du hast auch einen RSS Feed. Der ist meiner Meinung nach viel praktischer, denn dann kann man Dein Blog zusammen mit allen anderen abonierten Feeds lesen, so man denn welche hat. 🙂

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